Invisalign for All Ages

At Adult & Pediatric Orthodontics, we want to help as many people as possible improve their smiles and quality of life with braces. Unfortunately, many people are discouraged from receiving treatment because they don’t like the look or lifestyle changes required of traditional, fixed braces, so they avoid orthodontic work at all costs. Though we can attest that our Damon metal and clear braces make fixed braces more comfortable and efficient than ever before, we understand that non-removable braces might not be the choice for everyone. That’s why we proudly offer Invisalign for all ages. 

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the leading in-office brand of clear aligners (also known as trays) on the market! The company uses top-of-the-line technology when designing and creating its custom-made, transparent trays so patients have a pleasant, stress-free experience in and out of the office. 

Features For All Ages.

Invisalign clear aligners work by applying gentle, continuous pressure to the teeth to encourage teeth movement over time, like braces. However, that is where their similarity ends. Let’s check out some key features of Invisalign that patients of all ages can benefit from.

Subtle Design!

Many patients of all ages would prefer if others did know they were in orthodontic treatment. Clear aligners are perfect for those concerned that braces will be the first thing people see. Thanks to their slim, transparent aesthetic, Invisalign offers patients discretion in orthodontic treatment. The trays are customized to fit every individual perfectly; the aligners are snug, comfortable, and nearly invisible to onlookers. 


Besides its noticeable lack of brackets and wires, one of our patients’ favorite features of Invisalign is its removability. Unlike traditional braces, clear aligners are not glued to teeth by Dr. Yu, allowing you to stick to your regular diet throughout treatment. You can eat all the sticky, chewy, crunchy food you desire — just be careful to protect your oral health! — as long as you remove the trays from your mouth before eating and drinking.

The patient can also remove the trays for special occasions like an ID photo or an important work presentation. As long you remember to wear the trays for twenty-two hours a day, you have some flexibility in your lifestyle by choosing when and where to wear them. It’s crucial that you wear them for the appropriate length of time daily, or else you won’t see any progress! 

Easy Maintenance!

Another benefit of removability is that you can maintain your oral hygiene routine! No need to learn how to use or incorporate new tools into your routine! Take the trays out and brush and floss like usual! You will have to clean the trays daily, but it only takes a few minutes. 

You can use Invisalign Cleaning Crystals to clean your aligners or follow Dr. Yu’s instructions for alternative options. Cleaning clear aligners has many methods, but the best depends on your manufacturer. Diverging from Dr. Yu’s instructions can cause damage to your aligners, including warping, discoloration, or scratching of the plastic, making them uncomfortable and more evident to others.

Easy maintenance is excellent regardless of age because the simplicity is wonderful for busy school or work schedules and helps you seamlessly transition into orthodontic treatment.

People are discouraged from traditional braces because they don’t like the look or lifestyle changes they require. But what about Invisalign?

Features For Younger Patients.

Created with your child’s best interests and age in mind, Invisalign’s programs for teenagers (Invisalign for Teens) and children (Invisalign First) have many useful features. 

  • Compliance Dot – Invisalign trays for younger patients come with a small blue dot on the back of the tray that turns white or clear when exposed to the saliva in the mouth, so you can be confident your child is wearing their aligners. 
  • Replacement Trays – Teens and kids can be rough on their belongings and have an increased risk of losing or damaging their aligners. Fortunately, Invisalign for Teens and Invisalign First offer replacement trays for lost or damaged aligners. 
  • Eruption Tabs – If you are waiting on all your child’s adult teeth before they start their Invisalign treatment, they don’t have to! Invisalign now offers eruption tabs, which allow spaces for your teen’s adult teeth to continue to “erupt” (grow) without disrupting or preventing treatment.

Bonus Invisalign Tip For Success

Invisalign trays can be lost or damaged when you’re not wearing them! 

Think of all the places you might take them out to eat, drink, or perform oral hygiene. Those are places your trays could become lost or broken! Now, think of all the things you accidentally step or sit on and all the stuff you pull from your pet’s mouth, asking yourself, “How did that get there?” All of those scenarios could be your aligners!

Your aligners will come with a case; that is where they need to be whenever they are not in your mouth. This case will protect them from physical damage and make them easier to keep up with.

Replacing trays is no problem, but keeping up with your aligners as much as possible is best to help protect your wallet and/or your progress. 

People are discouraged from traditional braces because they don’t like the look or lifestyle changes they require. But what about Invisalign?

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