The Team Behind Your Straight Smile

Designing and creating your new smile takes a lot of work from many people, and it is worth it every time! At Adult & Pediatric Orthodontics, we have a fully trained, friendly staff to help you reach your orthodontic goals! But who is the team behind your straight smile, and what do they do?

Dr. Yu

Our Dr. Yu is an orthodontist, a type of dental healthcare professional. Orthodontists are dentists who receive three additional years of training and experience to specialize in aligning the teeth and jaw. Dr. Yu utilizes many tools, like palate expanders, self-ligating metal braces, clear braces, Invisalign, and Invisalign for Teens, to gradually move your teeth and jaw into their ideal positions, resulting in a gorgeous, functional, and healthy smile. These various treatment options mean that she can treat cases ranging from mild to complex in patients from as young as seven into late adulthood. Through these treatments, Dr. Yu can improve the mental, physical, and oral health of people in Portland, Windham, and surrounding areas.

But Dr. Yu is one of many members of our team! She would have a hard time trying to juggle everything on her own. Let’s check out the other Adult & Pediatric Orthodontic team positions that make your new smile possible!

Patient Care Coordinator

You will frequently interact with Karen, our patient care coordinator. You’ll likely see her at the front desk when you come for your appointment. Her responsibilities are vast and crucial to our practice running smoothly. Some of her duties are:

  • Help you schedule your appointments
  • Take and process payment at the time of your appointment
  • Answer insurance-related questions 
  • Check you in and out 
  • Ensure all necessary patient and practice paperwork is filled out on time and organized appropriately
  • Create a welcoming, upbeat environment for new and returning patients
  • Answer incoming calls and return calls
  • Answer treatment-related questions

Essentially, Karen ensures your in-office experience is stress-free and pleasant so you can always feel comfortable, confident, and excited throughout your time with Adult & Pediatric Orthodontics.

We have a fully trained staff to help you reach your orthodontic goals! But who is the team behind your straight smile, and what do they do?

Clinical Assistants

Our wonderful clinical assistants, Denise, Sarah, Brittni, Janet, and Molly, keep our office running smoothly and on schedule! They perform any tasks or procedures that need to be completed before you see the doctor. Specifically, clinical assistants:

  • Sterilize treatment rooms or areas in between each patient
  • Cleaning and polishing teeth before the installation of fixed braces
  • Removing fixed braces
  • Taking X-rays, digital scans, and photographs
  • Preparing the treatment area for each patient with sterile tools
  • Assisting in maintaining a clean and professional working environment
  • Help to educate you about your treatment and oral hygiene
  • Accurately maintain patient charts
  • Keeping your mouth during orthodontic treatment if necessary

Without their help, Dr. Yu might not be able to see as many patients as she does now, which means she won’t be able to create as many gorgeous, functioning smiles! Dr. Yu is grateful and proud to have such a fantastic group aiding her every day.

Financial Coordinator

Last but certainly not least, we have our financial coordinator, Conor! His job is to help you understand what you are paying for and why by breaking down your overall treatment cost before treatment begins or a billing statement you receive at any point in your journey. Conor also does:

  • Daily cash management, including patient deposits
  • Process patient and insurance payments 
  • Maintain accurate documentation of patient and insurance payments
  • Document vendor invoices and ensure vendors get paid on time
  • Monitor practice financials and provide regular reports
  • Verify insurance benefits/file insurance
  • Set up patient financial contracts
  • Communicate with patients about due or past-due payments
  • Help patients set up payment plans and automatic bank drafts

Adult & Pediatric Orthodontics never wants anyone to postpone or avoid getting treatment because of finances. Conor does an excellent job of helping patients go from, “I don’t know if I can afford this…” to, “Wow! I didn’t realize this was so affordable!” Whether you start same-day treatment or need time to think it over and consider, Conor is always here to ease the pressure of payment!

We have a fully trained staff to help you reach your orthodontic goals! But who is the team behind your straight smile, and what do they do?

Our Fantastic Roster Sets You Up For An Orthodontic Win!

Our team shares one goal: creating stunning, flattering smiles that allow you to talk, breathe, and chew effectively and without difficulty or pain. With this collective goal uniting us, we can help patients achieve orthodontic wins — big and small — every day. 

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